Education Shade & Weather Protection with Shadeland Te Tai Tokerau

Shade for Schools

Shadeland Te Tai Tokerau is the solution for all your educational shade and shelter needs.

We take great pride in providing shade and shelter solutions to educational facilities, including Kōhanga Reo, kindergartens and schools. We specialize in designing and installing solutions that are practical, cost-effective and most importantly protect the Tamariki of Te Tai Tokerau.

3 Steps To Success

1. We Audit Your Current Shade Situation

We provide an intial audit of your current shade situation, identifying gaps and areas shade could be improved to provide maximum protection to pupils.

2. Inspection of Your Current Shade Structures

Following the audit we complete an inspection of your shade structures. This includes the shade sails, checking the safety and quality of the structure.

3. Designing of Future Shade Solutions

We work with you to design the appropriate future shade solutions. Providing a roll out plan that suits your budget and any required time frames.

Shade Protection

Shade protection from Aotearoa’s harsh sun is essential in protecting children well designed shade structure can provide safe and comfortable outdoor spaces for summer activities. Shadeland takes guidance on Cancer Society regulations and recommendations for safe shade in schools.

Design and Building

We specialise in the design and building of custom new shade solutions for education facilities. Including shade sails, awnings, fixed roof systems including our tension canopy and glazing panel systems outdoor umbrellas, outdoor blinds and curtains.


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Shadesail Maintenance


Removing shadesails post-summer allows for thorough cleaning, eliminating dirt and mould. This ensures healthier environments for our children next summer and also extends the lifespan of the shadesails, ensuring compliance with warranty requirements.


Winter in Northland can be unpredictable. Keeping shadesails up can risk damage from severe weather. Seasonal dismantling prevents unnecessary wear and tear, enhancing the longevity of your investment.



Each take-down and re-installation includes a comprehensive safety audit. Our experienced team checks for any hardware damage, tightens loose components and inspects for any wear that could compromise safety.


Winter play is essential for children’s development. Removing shadesails not only warms up play areas but also reduces moisture accumulation, making outdoor play safer and more appealing. 


Shadeland is more than a service; it's a commitment to fostering safer, healthier, and more engaging outdoor spaces for our Tamariki and the wider community. Join us in creating sun-safe sanctuaries that cherish and protect our future generations.

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