Glazed Roofs

Picture yourself enjoying your outdoor entertainment area year-round.

Basking in the warmth of the sun, or marvelling at the twinkling stars, all while being sheltered from the unpredictable elements. Our glazed roofs provide the missing element for enjoying your outdoor space year-round.


No longer will the rain cancel the BBQ with friends or the scorching Northland sun force you to move Christmas lunch inside to escape. With a glazed roof, you can have the best of both worlds!



Seamless Installation Process: 

Onsite Consultation

Our experts will visit you to discuss design options.


Happy with the Design? Perfect, it's Manufacturing Time: Sit back and relax as we craft your custom-glazed roof with care within 6-8 weeks.


Watch Your Vision Come to Life: Our team will professionally install your new outdoor oasis.

Building Trust, One Roof at a Time.

At Shadeland, we prioritize transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We've earned the trust of countless homeowners across New Zealand, recognized by winning the Best Emerging Business in Northland at the Northland Business Awards. Our glazed roofs are backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for years to come. Our designs lead the way, as evidenced by winning the top award for two of the Advanced Textile Industry of New Zealand’s Installation Awards in 2023. We adhere strictly to ASNZ standards and work closely with structural engineers to ensure top-of-the-line products, all made right here in New Zealand.



Pick Your Colour

We use the Dulux Powder Coating System. Choose from their extensive range or we can colour match to suit your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions.


Are glazed roofs expensive?

Of all the outdoor roof products we've offered in recent years, the glazed roof has proven to be the most affordable.

Are they all flat?

We have multiple shapes available our most popular is the flat canopy. However our gable and arch canopies are also popular.

Can you customize for tricky houses?

Absolutely! We specialize in customizing our glazed roof range to suit unique requirements.

Can you match my house's colour?

We can powder coat to any colour in the Dulux range, ensuring a perfect match for your house. See the Dulux colour range here.

What about high wind zones?

Our roofs are designed to New Zealand's high wind zone standards, ensuring they can withstand the toughest conditions.

Is it made from glass?

No, our roofs are made from lightweight, safe, and low-maintenance polycarbonate sheets. They are 4.5mm thick and flat with Clariant CESA®-light UV and Light Stabilisers, available in 4 colours: clear, bronze tinted, grey tinted, and opal.

Will we still get burnt through the roof?

Our glazed roofs provide 99% UV-A and UV-B protection, keeping you safe from harmful rays.

How do you clean them?

There is a range of polycarbonate-friendly spray and walk-away products now available! We even sell self-cleaning packs and offer cleaning solutions.

Are they steel and will they rust?

All our roof profiles are New Zealand-designed and made of aluminium extrusion frames. Aluminium does not rust! We also utilise stainless steel fasteners on all our fastenings.

Will I need consent?

Most of our roofs don’t need consent! Certain sizes and situations will require a sign of or consent which our team will help you with. With a generic PS1 for most of our designs, trust that the process of obtaining building consent is as streamlined as possible, so we can get started on building your outdoor extension.

Can I add outdoor blinds?

Our Glazed roofs are designed specially to have outdoor blinds installed, which we also can do for you!.

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