Venetian Blinds

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Aotearoa-Inspired Venetian Blinds, Natural Beauty for Your Home

Here at Shadeland, we take immense pride in our beautiful Aotearoa, and it's this passion for our home that inspires every product we design, including our versatile range of Venetian blinds.


Crafted with care and precision, you'll find a selection suitable for any home – available in sumptuous timber, modern PVC, and sleek aluminium constructions, complemented by a diverse array of slat sizes. These blinds aren't just about privacy and light control; they're about bringing the natural beauty and durability of our land into your living spaces.



Seamless Installation Process: 

Onsite Consultation

Our experts will visit you to discuss design options.


Happy with the Design? Perfect, it's Manufacturing Time: Sit back and relax as we craft your custom-glazed roof with care within 6-8 weeks.


Watch Your Vision Come to Life: Our team will professionally install your new outdoor oasis.

Honesty, Excellence, and Innovation in Every Home Solution

At Shadeland, we're respected for honest dealings and exceptional service. Celebrated as Northland's Best Emerging Business, we carry this badge of honour into every product — from roller blinds to interior flair. Our accolades, like our double win at the Advanced Textile Industry of New Zealand’s Installation Awards in 2023, aren't just trophies on our shelf; they’re a testament to our craftsmanship and innovative design.


In partnership with our class leading suppliers, we guarantee home solutions that not only look great but are designed to last.


Here, we’re in the business of creating trust-filled relationships and enhancing living spaces with the beauty and resilience of our local craftsmanship.



Pick Your Colour

Marupa 50mm & 60mm Venetians

Experience the natural beauty of Aotearoa with our Marupa Venetian blinds. Crafted from sustainably sourced Marupa timber, these blinds offer both durability and elegance. Every slat receives a UV coating for lasting vibrancy, ensuring they remain a beautiful part of your home for years. With their natural finish and colour-coordinated details, our Marupa blinds bring a piece of New Zealand's outdoors into your living space, beautifully blending tradition with environmental responsibility.



Woodefex 50mm & 63mm Venetians

Woodefex Venetians are the quintessential choice for the elegant and practical New Zealand home. Made of PVC with the look of real timber, these blinds are specially designed to withstand Aotearoa's varied climates, making them ideal for areas with moisture. Woodefex blends the classic charm of timber with the durability of PVC, offering a range of sophisticated colours to beautifully complement your home’s interior. It’s a practical, stylish choice that upholds the spirit of local craftsmanship.


Aluminium Venetians 25mm & 50mm

Our Aluminium Venetian blinds combine contemporary style with practical functionality. Designed for those who appreciate modern aesthetics, these blinds offer precise control over light and privacy, with a 180-degree tilt capability. Perfect for any room in need of a sleek light control solution, they come in a wide variety of colours to match any décor. Whether for a peaceful rest area or a vibrant living space, our Aluminium Venetians adapt to your lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions.


What are the benefits of using Marupa timber for venetian blinds compared to other types of timber?

Marupa timber is extremely durable and lightweight, providing stable blinds for small and large window openings. It is sourced from sustainable plantations focused on quality, unlike other timber plantations which are less sustainable and lower grade.

Why are aluminium venetian blinds good for bedrooms?

With a 180 degree tilt, the slimline aluminium slats can close fully to create a block out blind, making them ideal for controlling light and privacy in bedrooms.

What slat sizes and colors are available for the Woodefex PVC venetian blinds?

Woodefex PVC venetian blinds come in 50mm and 63mm slat sizes, with 3 color options available.

Can the venetian blinds be motorized or are they only available in manual operation?

The venetian blinds are currently only available with manual operation.

Do the venetian blinds come with any warranties?

All our venetian blinds come with a 5 year product and 3 year workmanship warranty.

Can the venetian blinds be customized outside the stated size and color options?

Unfortunately custom options outside the listed sizes and colors are not available. The venetian blinds come in set size and color ranges.

Is there a max and minimum size?

MIN – 200 x 200 mm
MAX (Timber/PVC) – 2400 x 2700 mm
MAX (Aluminium) – 3000 x 2700 mm

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