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Elevate your living space with the timeless elegance of Shadeland Shutters.

Renowned for blending traditional charm with modern design, our shutters offer both the warmth of sustainably sourced timber and the practicality of durable synthetic options. Perfect for any season, Shadeland Shutters transform your home into a stylish sanctuary, seamlessly balancing light, privacy, and aesthetic appeal.



Seamless Installation Process: 

Onsite Consultation

Our experts will visit you to discuss design options.


Happy with the Design? Perfect, it's Manufacturing Time: Sit back and relax as we craft your custom-glazed roof with care within 6-8 weeks.


Watch Your Vision Come to Life: Our team will professionally install your new outdoor oasis.

Building Trust, One Roof at a Time.

At Shadeland, we prioritize transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We've earned the trust of countless homeowners across New Zealand, recognized by winning the Best Emerging Business in Northland at the Northland Business Awards. Our glazed roofs are backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for years to come. Our designs lead the way, as evidenced by winning the top award for two of the Advanced Textile Industry of New Zealand’s Installation Awards in 2023. We adhere strictly to ASNZ standards and work closely with structural engineers to ensure top-of-the-line products, all made right here in New Zealand.



Colours / Materials

Wanaka Timber Shutters, beautifully crafted using sustainable, lightweight Paulownia wood sourced from certified plantations and kiln dried to best suit our environment. With a wide range of customization available, our Wanaka Shutters are among the most versatile in the market. Superior joinery stability makes this material ideal for large panels, like hinged doorways, increasing their longevity and reliability in a home environment. Mortise and tenon joinery and carefully detailed mouldings provide a stunning finished product.


Omaha Shutters are extruded using a synthetic non-toxic material making them ideal for wet areas including bathrooms and laundries and ensuring a durable product suited to the New Zealand climate come rain or shine. Reinforced with aluminium to add stability and reduce weight, our Omaha Shutters are a hardworking product as well as being an affordable solution for use throughout the home.

Explore our diverse range of 13 classic paint colours and 7 timber stains available for Wanaka Shutters.  For more information, download our product brochure here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions.


What are the maximum dimensions for the Wanaka shutters?

The maximum dimensions for the Wanaka shutters are 900 x 3000 mm.

What are the maximum dimensions for the Omaha shutters?

The maximum dimensions for the Omaha shutters are 800 x 3000 mm.

What materials are the Wanaka shutters made from?

The Wanaka shutters are made from sustainably grown Basswood.

What materials are the Omaha shutters made from?

The Omaha shutters are made from extruded PVC.

How many standard paint colors are available for the shutters?

There are 13 standard paint colors available for the shutters.

How many standard stain colors are available for the Wanaka shutters?

There are 7 standard stain colors available for the Wanaka shutters.

What are the available blade widths?

The available blade widths are 63mm, 89mm, and 114mm.

What are the tilt bar options for operating the shutters?

The tilt bar options are front tilt bar and hidden tilt system.

What mounting options are available for installing the shutters?

The mounting options are hinged, bi-fold, sliding, fixed, walk through, and panels only.

Can the shutters be made in custom shapes?

Yes, the shutters can be made in custom shapes.

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